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Procreate Lettering Starter Pack

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Procreate Lettering Starter Pack

Le Punkt Noir
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The main feature of this pack is its 10 part workbook created specifically for lettering on the iPad.

In Part 1 we cover Procreate interface, terms that you should be aware of as well as the anatomy of the letters. Part 2 is all about practicing writing and making strokes on an iPad, which is especially useful for beginners who are not used to writing on screens. Once you are comfortable with writing simple lines, we will continue to practice variable strokes in Part 3 and start writing our first alphabet. Part 4 covers drawing block letters and includes an entire serif uppercase alphabet that you can practice step by step. No lettering is complete without some embellishments so in part 5 we will cover what kind of embellishments you can add to your letters and play around with adding them on a drop cap.

In Part 6 we will cover layouts with one, two, three or more words and how the process from sketching to finalizing the layout looks like. Part 7 is dedicated to color theory, color harmony, and terms that you should know when talking about colors.

In Part 8 there are 3 sample projects with all the layers visible so you can see how each of the pieces was created.

Chances are you will want to print out your awesome artwork at some point so in Part 9 we cover printing and how to prepare your artwork to make the best of it in print. Lastly, in Part 10 you will get a list of 30 lettering prompts to practice with after finishing the workbook and some places where you can find inspiration for your next piece of lettering artwork!

The entire workbook is created using resources included in this pack (with the exception of a few screenshots). The brushes required for the workbook are simple and easy to use, but once you are finished with the workbook, you will want to play around with other brushes and styles which is why there are 35 total brushes included in this pack!

Textures like chalk, watercolor, noise, ink and metallic foil are also included as well as 5 images that you can use for your masking practice and two of my favorite color palettes.

Included in this set:

• 35 Brushes

• 10 Part Lettering Workbook

• 28 Textures

• 5 Images

• 2 Color Palettes

• Video help files

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