Mixed Media Brushes for Procreate

Le Punkt Noir
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Create without boundaries.

This is a collection of various media brushes that I carefully collected to include my own personal favourites and to cover different media that I like to experiment with.

This collection is perfect for drawing, illustration and illustrated lettering. Whether you are doing a lettering piece, or just taking the afternoon to draw for fun, these brushes cover all that you’ll need to create without boundaries.

These are all sourced from real tools, then scanned at high resolution and carefully crafted into Procreate brushes. 10 Bonus paper backgrounds included are there to help you with getting that watercolour look but they also work great with other media.

Experiment with brush size, opacity and tilt to get different results and especially try mixing the media together to get interesting results! 

What’s included in the pack:

5 Dry media brushes

7 Inkers

6 Watercolors

7 Fillers

17 Textures

+Bonus of 10 paper backgrounds! 

I want this!

By purchasing this product you will receive 42 custom brushes for Procreate as well as a bonus of 10 high quality paper backgrounds.

400 MB
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